We're changing the Boutique Industry!

Affiliate Program Launching NOW


We're changing the Boutique industry and we want you to be a part of it! We truly believe we're better together! We're looking for like minded, hard working individuals to be in the first round of Affiliates!

Do you LOVE Boutique fashion as much as we do?! Why not make money from something you LOVE? Dash of Sparkle is an incredibly successful Boutique and this year, with all the changes happening in our eceonomy, we knew we had to do something to help! For the first time EVER, we're offering our Affiliates the opportunity to earn money for simply referring people to our site without having to carry inventory, ship items, or any upfront costs!

Why we're LOVING the Dash of Sparkle affiliate program:

"This is A simple program that gives you the opportunity to earn money for referring people to our site with no risk!"

Most Boutique owners, if lucky, earn roughly 10% on their sales. With this program, you have the chance to earn up to 300% MORE for simply locking arms with Dash of Sparkle, an award winning boutique, and telling your friends/family/network about the amazing high quality XS- 3X clothing and accessories that arrive daily!

All the AMAZING details:

COST 0% - no upfront costs! We want you to be successful without the fear and risk of traditional MLMs.

COMMISSION 25% - earn 25 % of all sales you refer to the site! (Paid via paypal on the 15th for the prior month once $25 is acheived.)

STORE CREDIT OPTION 40% - swap your 25% payout for 40% of your referral amount to use towards clothing for yourself!

COMMUNITY -We provide a Facebook group for Affiliates only where you will be guided by the top in the industry! Learn how to grow your own personal group of shoppers from an owner with a proven track record of success.

MARKETING - We provide marketing assests as well as your own Affiliate shopping link to our Affiliates making it so easy to Spread the Love of Dash of Sparkle to your network!

2nd COMMISSION OPPORTUNITY: Potential to earn an additional 5% on Affiliates you introduce to the program. (Our focus is not on a downline, but we want to offer the opportunity to those who bring other Affiliates to the program)

What makes this different than an MLM:

-No upfront costs to become an Affiliate.
-No complicated rules to follow!
-NO kits to purchase or inventory to buy!
- No Unattainable goals to hit to maintain status. ( You only have to have 1 referred sale every 30 days to stay active as an Affiliate with us! That's it!)
-No levels or ranks to maintain. EVERYONE earns 25% based on whether you sell a little or a lot!

YOU get to decide how successful you are! Sell as little or as much as you'd like! We're so excited to be able to offer this as a way to hit your financial goals in life and help in a time where the world and careers are so unstable. We're truly better together and we believe EVERYONE has the opportunity to succeed with the NEW Dash of Sparkle Affiliate Program!